A personal reflection by a WVCC member.

August brought in a variety of weather, some good, some pretty poor but none of it stopped us from appreciating and enjoying the beauty of God’s creation. Take, for instance, the 10 days holiday we took. Fabulous weather most of the time, so we drove around Scotland breathing in the lovely air and feasting our eyes on the rugged beauty of the lochs and glens and the Cairngorms. It is not very often that I am at a loss for words but I have to admit that Scotland at times had me beat. How many times and you say beautiful, magnificent, amazing, gorgeous, stunning, fabulous, breathtaking, without becoming truly boring with your repetitious exclamations. I had to just sit and stare in humble appreciation of God’s wonderful handiwork. It is not only a pleasant feast for the eyes but it makes me feel very small while filling my thoughts with awe and wonder at the magnitude of our Creator. How very fortunate we are to live in this green and pleasant land, especially when we see how many people live in danger of wars and starvation. It amazes me how we can sit and grumble so often, and I include myself in that statement, when all around us is in such disarray. Then I remind myself of the scripture that tells me that we are a royal priesthood, a holy nation, belonging to God. He is true and honourable, meeting all our needs and I know that this is true. He has seen me through so much, and continues to do so as He blesses me daily. I love my church and have enjoyed being a part of it. The amazing thing is that this morning, as I was writing this, psalm 139 was going through my mind and that was the very psalm that the sermon was based on today……how’s that for ‘coincidence?’ It just proves that God is still in business and guiding each one of us. Yes, we are fearfully and wonderfully made but so is His created world, everything you see, mountains, trees,flowers, birds and animals, the very air we breathe, and of course an amazing assortment of people. We may not care for some of them but in God’s eyes they are special and He made them in His image. I find that there are changes going on all around me, which is good. Churches are beginning to work together now instead of keeping to their own kind. Sometimes it may seem like a rare mixture but when we are all working together in harmony the outcome starts to look more interesting and a fresh hope stirs in our hearts. I pray that we are beginning to see a new, deeper and fresher community, united and strong, building an army of people who will work together for the glory of God.