The Young Adults Group ranges from 18yrs – 30yrs old.

The group meets in the ‘Loft’, an upstairs room in the Church, in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

We meet every Friday at 7.30pm and follow a programme as follows:


Bible Study      Inspirational characters    Social events   Hot Topic / Discussion Other Faiths     Movies and discussion

Our current objectives for the group are:

  •  Get baptised in Water
  •  Get baptised in Holy Spirit
  •  Develop a good knowledge of Bible
  •  Grow in confidence in public ministry
  •  Learn to share faith/Be prepared to give an answer
  •  Have a good grasp of Chris;an ethics
  •  Take on responsibility for mentoring others
  •  Have a strong Christian Worldview

Please contact us for more details and the planned events.